Monday, October 26, 2015

On The Run With UNR - Running The Hills Of Kentucky!

Running the Hills of Kentucky!

Notes From The Foot Whisperer

Anyone for a bit of Bourbon? The Bourbon Chase in Central Kentucky, that is. And now that I’ve had time to digest everything (Figuratively), it made for another wonderful weekend with some great running buddies! Our little team (Named after one of our favorite beverages), and by extension, part of the Saturday morning run group, made our way to Louisville, Kentucky to start our sojourn. For anyone who didn’t hear of our Washington DC Ragnar run last year, our twelve person team ran a 200 mile relay race through some of the prettiest land in this country. Each person had three legs to run. By the time we finished in Lexington, 200 miles and 29-1/2 hours later, our team was all ready for the bourbon (Literally, not figuratively!). And every person had a story to tell!

My favorite was in the little town of Stanford. It was my first of two night-time runs. Our van (We called it the “Adult Van” as opposed to the “Kids Van”) pulled in to Stanford around 8:30 pm. We were met by a very polite and generous fire police man who directed us not only to the parking lot, but also to bathrooms with running water (a luxury on this race), and some great hot chocolate for all of the Chasers. At the exchange zone, the townspeople met us and kept all of the runners at ease as we waited for our exchange, telling us stories about prior Chases and their total commitment to making it one of the best 200-milers out there! All with a very contagious Southern drawl! As my team mate approached, my team number was called out. The hand-off was made, and I ran into the darkness of rural Kentucky to the next exchange zone.

By the end of the race in Lexington, all of the pains, sore muscles, and tired bones were a thing of the past. We had dinner as a team and reminisced about a most enjoyable race! If you and 11 other friends ever get the chance, try a Ragnar or one of many other two hundred mile team relays. Memories that you can share with the grand kids!

The evening runs were cold. And it just gets me pumped up for cold weather running! Check out some of our new cold weather gear. As well as some great standards out there that are currently on sale!

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