Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Notes From The Very Slow Foot Whisperer - Winter Chill is Upon Us

Hi all! This little Arctic blast in November gives us all a little hint to what’s in store in another month and a half. All I have to say is; Make sure the snow blower is ready, break out the shovels, get out the winter gear. And attack that winter running with a vengeance!

I think I’m pretty well set:

Shoes: I’m in the Asics Nimbus right now. It’s a little softer of a strike for my old, slow bones. Traction: I wear the YakTrax. They really grip the road when there’s ice and snow. Other manufacturers offer similar product. They all do a great job!

Socks: I’ve found the Feetures Elite Merino Wool works great on those really cold days. Another lighter sock is of course, the Mizuno Breath Thermo. Both are great for those cold “dawgs.”

Legs: I’m the old fashioned baggy pant person! I like the Asics Storm Shelter pants, even though they make that annoying “swoosh” sound while running. They keep the elements out. On a really cold day, a pair of tights goes underneath!

Shirt: I make no bones about it. I like the Mizuno Breath Thermo as a base layer. Usually, that and a jacket for the elements are all I need. But again, on a frigid day, I’ll put a second layer on. I’m a wimp!

Hands: For those not-so-cold days (@ 40 degrees), I just wear the Up-N-Running gloves (Find out more about them later in this blog), As it gets colder, I go to the Mizuno Breath Thermo, and usually a shell over that (10 degrees to 5 below). Any colder? And I’m indoors!

Neck: I recently got turned on to neck gaiters. It works far better than the towel!

Face: I’m one of those people who can’t wear the balaclava hood. When I breath through my nose, it fogs up my glasses. Instead, I use this great topical called SportSlick. It keeps the wind off your skin, while also moisturizing. Fantastic for dry skin, chaffing, and the cold!

Head: I’ve got a couple favorites. Beanies are really in right now. I prefer one that has ear coverings. And my all-time favorite is still what I call the “Elmer Fudd” running hat. It is water-proof, covers the ears, and has a nice big bill.

(My own little secret for beating the hills? You know which ones. They’re the hills that give you that sick feeling when you see them. At the base of the hill, I drop the bill of my hat, so I can’t see the top of the hill. Psychologically, there is no hill! Not until I get to the top.)

And that, my friends, should get me through the winter!