Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Daughter's Inspiration That Changed A Life

Up-N-Running decided to start a blog! We're going to have guest bloggers. Sometimes it may be little words of wisdom. Sometimes it may be facts to help make your run a little easier. And, this time....if will be a little peak into what inspires people to run.

It is fitting that we start this blog with a writing from Margretta Lutz. She is a friend of the store and can be seen at several races all over Western PA. She is a multiple Boston Marathon Finisher and holds many national records for her age group. Here is her story:

“The life changing event that happened 31 years ago – at age 50-
My daughter, Pat Neubert began to run on the back roads alone to get her legs strengthened for skiing. Although she was married, as a Mother, I could not help but worry about her. I guess I badgered her so much that one day she said, “If you are so worried, why don’t you walk while I run.” The next time it was, “Why don’t you jog.” Then, “Why don’t you run.” Okay, I began to run, and run, and run. And have not stopped.”