Monday, November 25, 2013

Notes From The Foot Whisperer - Special VIP Sales!!!

The turkey is thawing out in the fridge. The cranberries and pumpkin pie have been bought. And the potatoes are ready to be mashed! All that is needed are the family members and Thanksgiving football. And lest we forget, it is a time to be thankful. I am thankful for a wonderful family with plenty of grandchildren. I am thankful for good health, and continued prosperity. I am thankful for our fine military who are always on the front lines for our freedom. And I am thankful that I have such wonderful friends and customers!

And during this time of year, we like to show our appreciation to all of our Up-N-Running friends by offering our annual Customer Appreciation Sale. For any of you who haven’t experienced the UNR Customer Appreciation Sale, you get some great deals on just about everything. The way we do it is to provide you with UNR dollars with every purchase you make between Black Friday and Christmas Eve (See the promotion). And you can redeem those dollars after Christmas. Suppose you bought a $100 pair of shoes between November 29 and December 24. You automatically get a $20.00 gift certificate from Up-N-Running redeemable between December 26, and February 15. Additionally, if you make your purchase with an American Express card on Small Business Saturday (November 30), and are registered with AMEX at between now and November 30, you get a $10.00 credit off your AMEX bill (Minimum $10.00 purchase)! That’s a $30.00 discount! And if it is a sale item, you save even more!!!

Check out the promotion. Stop by to say hi. And take advantage of our great Seasonal offer!

And everyone, have a peaceful and safe Thanksgiving holiday!


Friday, November 15, 2013

Notes From The Foot Whisperer: Cold Weather is Fast Approaching.

Well, the leaves are almost all on the ground. And the days are definitely getting shorter. And although yours truly gets goofy from Seasonal Affective Disorder and cabin fever, it is a time for me to start building up my base miles for the Spring running season. I signed up for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon which takes place this May. So my training begins!

The colder season is a nice time to run, provided you have the proper gear. My cold weather training gear consists of a good cap, preferably something to cover the ears. And in winter I like to wear my “Elmer Fudd” water-proof cap with a bill and ear covering. Keeps all of the elements out! To keep my core warm and comfortable, I wear the Mizuno Breath Thermo half zip with a visible outer wind-breaking jacket. Although many people like the form-fitting running tights, I prefer the baggy wind-proof/water-proof running pant. Generally, the Asics Storm Shelter. It’s a throw back from my days running for Penn Hills High School. And it keeps a warm layer of air between my legs and the outside. Through most of the season, except the coldest days, I wear just a half cotton/half polyester official Up-N-Running glove. We’ve got plenty at the store. I like a Merino Wool crew length sock or in colder weather, the Mizuno Breath Thermo which now comes in both quarter length and crew length. And this year, I am trying something new for running shoes. Over the many years that I have run, I have always worn a regular breathable mesh running shoe (My favorite is the Saucony Power Grid Hurricane). My theory was that I needed something breathable to help the moisture evaporate as wet feet do tend to freeze quicker. This year, I am trying one of many different Gore Tex shoes. Gore Tex has the ability to filter out the water molecules from your body without allowing any moisture to get in. And although many Gore Tex running shoes have trail outsoles, I prefer the road, and so I am using the Brooks Ghost GTX. I’ll report on its effectiveness.

Okay, now that that’s done, it’s time to get my butt out the door and running!!! See you on the road or trail!

Elmer Fudd Hat

Breath Thermo Half Zip

Reflective High Visibility Outer Shell

Storm Shelter Pant

Breathable Socks

Ghost GTX Shoe