Saturday, December 29, 2012

Notes From The Foot Whisperer - A New Year's Challenge and a Wish!

Since we're all about staying fit, and most runners like new challenges, we thought it would be fun to put out a little New Year's Resolution challenge. We welcome you to join us at Up-N-Running for our group runs and walks. And starting Saturday, January 5, Up-N-Running will challenge you to meet your New Year's Resolution. Since a resolution can encompass many different things, we will keep it in one of three categories: Run-related, fitness-related, or weight loss. We ask you to write down your resolution and put it in a sealed envelope (Please make it challenging - It is an honor system). Drop it off at our group run on Saturday, January 5. And we ask that you perform a reasonable amount of participation with the run group (Honor system!). In return, come December, 2013, we will have a small party where the sealed envelopes will be opened. If you met and exceeded your resolution, we will give you a $50.00 gift certificate to Up-N-Running!

As I indicated, it has to be a bit of a challenge. And more important, hopefully something that continues through the years, maybe even through life. I will let all in on my resolution. And it has to do with both weight loss and run-related. I have run a few marathons. And so my goal isn’t to run another (Although I will be running Pittsburgh again for the Alzheimer’s Association, my favorite charity). As I near my 60th birthday, my goal is to run at least 1000 miles for 2013. And to lose 20 pounds in that time period. So I will record my miles every day. And I will weigh myself in on January 1.

If you plan on running your first marathon or half marathon, you definitely want to join us! Our coach is the greatest. And the group has fun training together. If your goal is something other than the marathon or half, you still can join us as we will have other distances in both running and walking.

Are you up for the challenge?

And my New Years Wish for all! We at Up-N-Running thank you all for your support over 2012. We hope your experience here has been pleasant, educational, and you have been very satisfied with our service and staff. We look forward to continued service to the community in 2013. And hope all of your goals for the New Year are met.

I do want to also thank our staff. It just doesn’t work without these knowledgeable and passionate runners!

Have a Very Happy New Year!


Friday, December 21, 2012

Notes From The Foot Whisperer - The Solitary Runner

The holidays are now here. The hustle and bustle of people making their way through the stores trying to find that perfect gift. It can be overwhelming! And it is no different for yours truly. There are deadlines to meet and people to visit. And here I was with all of that hovering over me. Plus I had to get my newsletter out. What to do?

What else? Go for a run! With my Breath Thermo and Elmer Fudd running hat on, I ventured into the dark, overcast, snowy/rainy streets in my neighborhood. What a refreshing run! Not only did I get my mandatory 5000 meters in. But I cleared my head of all the clutter to concentrate on what really matters; family, friends, the true meaning of the Holiday, and to reflect on the times we live in. I won’t dwell on the dreadful current events. But only to say that our deep felt thoughts and prayers go out to all of the families of those touched by the Connecticut tragedy. Keep them all in your prayers.

Everyone at Up-N-Running wish you and yours the most blessed and peaceful Christmas!


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Notes From The Foot Whisperer - Injuries: We've All Been There. Here are some pointers.

During your training, you may run into down time due to injury. We all pray it doesn’t happen. But due to repetitive motion from the miles, natural physiological flaws such as an uneven leg length, or that stone on the road or trail that just happens to be there to twist your ankle, you are suddenly strapped with an injury. What to do??

Well, you can take some time off. But if you are in the middle of say marathon training, it sets you back. Sometimes preventative maintenance will go a long way. And there are many PT tools available to you. Some are right in your kitchen cabinet:

Shin Splints - Usually occurs when you stray from that rule of thumb, no more than 10% per week increase in mileage. Some of the best tools to handle shin splints are to try and work the damaged tissue out of your system with the use of The Stick, Foam Roller, or even a rolling pin. You can also use compression from a compression sleeve or sock. Most people can run through the shin splints. And often times it just involves getting some new shoes as your old ones may be “dead.”

IT Band problems - Often times the IT Band becomes tight. This creates added stress on the outside (lateral side) of the knee. Use of a foam roller to loosen the iliotibial band will generally take care of most issues. You can also use a simple foam swim noodle. Although it isn’t quite as dense as the PT Foam Roller. There are also IT Band straps which work quite well, and allow you to continue training.

Plantar Fasciitis - Extremely painful. Especially when first getting out of bed. It is commonly associated with long periods of weight bearing. We have found over the years that with runners, it often occurs due to wearing the wrong shoe style. If you need new shoes, go to your local specialty running store, and bring your current shoes with you. That way, we can help determine if the shoe style will help to eliminate plantar fasciitis. In the meantime, try rolling your foot on a frozen water bottle, a golf or tennis ball, or one of several items for sale that help to break up the scar tissue in the foot.

Stop by Up-N-Running, or any of the other specialty running stores in the area. The associates would be glad to help you out!