Thursday, October 8, 2015

On The Run with UNR - Here Comes Autumn!

Hey, we made it to Autumn. It has always been such a great time to go out running! And there are some really great little races out there. It seems more races have themes. And what better themes in the Fall than Halloween, scary races, apple cider, amazing post-race food, and maybe a couple PR’s! For all of you training for the Buffalo Creek Half Marathon, with the new course finish, we are seeing some spectacular races to the end. I would suspect if the weather turns out well, we may see some course records broken. Tell your friends and family come on out and cheer you on, as the last quarter mile is great for viewing.

One thing to start keeping in mind is how quickly it gets dark now. I like to wear a safety light on my head with at least a 20-lumen power. My two biggest problems running at night are mail boxes, and pot holes! And yours truly have run into both on occasion. Another nice piece of equipment for evening running are Knuckle Lights. Very easy to run with. And they really light up your surroundings. I also will start to wear a reflective vest. And I’ll top it off with the flashing safety lights. It’s a little early for Christmas. But when I’m decked out with all of my lights and reflective bands, if I get a few more strings of lights, I’ll be ready for the Holidays!!

Congratulations to all who ran in the City of Pittsburgh Great Race! And especially to that gang out there (You know who you are!) who ran every single Great Race including the Great Replacement Race. Also, a big congrats to the SFU alums who won the Reach the Beach Ragnar in New Hampshire back in September. That’s four years in a row for those guys!

Happy Running!


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