Saturday, December 20, 2014

Note From The Foot Whisperer - Helping The Roger's Family

The Holidays are a time for family. We like to get together with all of our loved ones, which is sometimes difficult, since our one child lives in California. But we manage to all get together periodically and enjoy each other’s company. Running is often involved in our family get-togethers. And often running gear is exchanged as gifts.
There is a huge gift, I think, that we can all provide. It is a gift to our community, of our time as volunteers, our resources to help those in need, and our love to comfort those people emotionally distraught. The Holiday season can be full of stress. Complicate that with any tragic event, and you’ve got people in need.
My little three mile running loop goes through some beautiful farmland, as well as some cute little three and four house neighborhoods. One house I always pass belongs to the Rogers family. On some occasions, I’d see the kids waiting for the school bus, or the dog outside playing. Or even the father leaving for work. Any normal family in any normal neighborhood.
A few weeks ago, their world was torn apart, as they experienced a devastating house fire that destroyed everything. Thankfully, all of the family survived without injury (Although, they did lose their pets). We all witnessed the outpouring of so much love and monetary support from the community. What a beautiful act of kindness!
The Rogers have a long road ahead to rebuild their lives and their house. We can all help them out this Holiday Season. If you have anything to offer in the form of monetary donations, or other forms, contact Judy Geist ( She is helping with this gargantuan task of seeing to the family’s needs. You’ll not only feel good about what you’ve done. But more important, it will help to make the Rogers’ Holiday the best!