Thursday, March 5, 2015

Notes From The Foot Whisperer - Progress Report

Now that many of us are in marathon or half marathon training mode, and nearing the midway point in our training for Spring marathons it may be prudent to evaluate our progress, and keep the injuries at bay. If you have been putting miles in on our wintery cold, hard roads, you’re probably feeling the shock on the legs. Not to worry. As the temperatures rise, running on asphalt will provide some give to the constant pounding. The ruts in the rail/trails will soften. And your taper will be relaxing. I’m hearing the robins, which is a good sign that Spring will soon be here.

For those kids starting track and field, there’s snow still on the track, so training is limited. Try getting some miles in as the shock of starting from scratch often times will bring on shin splints. If you do feel onset of shin splints, try rolling one of RPI’s Sticks on the shins, or just use a rolling pin. It will hurt a little, but will help break up the damaged tissue to work it out of your system.

Good luck on your Spring training. We’ll be around to help you through any setbacks.


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